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Park Thirty99 - Lexington, KY

Park Thirty99: Projects

Park Thirty99

We have partnered with REM Capital on the purchase of Park Thirty99. Located in the desirable southern part of Lexington, KY, Park Thirty99 is a residential housing community with 174 apartments. The units are predominately 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments but also include some 1 bed 1 bath options.

The property is located very close to highly desired stores and restaurants including Fresh Market, Whole foods, Target, and 2 Starbucks.  The property is also surrounded by top end employers for Lexington, KY making this an ideal location for our residents.

Park Thirty99 is not being run to its full potential currently. This leaves good value-add opportunities for the property to increase it's bottom line. Our experienced team of operators and oncoming proven property management team will create value through implementing more efficient processes and improving the look and function of the property and it's amenities.

Investment Summary

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